vector point cranialsVector Point Cranials is a technique that addresses and releases the dura, via points on the skull. The dura (or dura mater) is a tough elastic membrane that encases and supports the brain and spinal cord, as well as the beginning of the nerves as they branch off the spinal cord (nerve roots). The dura has connections to the inside of the skull and the spine.

As the dura has attachments to the bony structures any imbalance in the spine or pelvis can effect and result in tension in the ura. The opposite can also occur, any tension in the ura can pull on the bony structure and cause structural imbalances.

This technique is a very gentle way to release the spine and pelvis, and hence reduce associated symptoms, which can be used on its own, or it is sometimes required in conjunction with other methods of adjusting the spine and pelvis for a more complete correction. For example, after an adjustment, it may be the case that there is improvement, but it won’t release completely. Then using the Vector Point ranials, the deeper lying dura is released, allow for a better release and therefore a greater relief in symptoms.
The treatment involves pressure on a series of specific points on the head, along the suture lines to release the dura, and is used to target specific levels of the spine, as well as release and balance the pelvis. As the dura is a membrane in one piece that covers the brain and spinal cord, releasing it results in a general release throughout the skull and spine. This also allows the erebrospinal fluid (fluid that sits between the brain and spinal cord, and the dura) to flow freelywhich is very important for the general health of the nervous system. Releasing the dura can also assist in taking pressure off the nerves due to its relationship between the dura and the nerve roots.