massage trigger pointDid you know that muscular tension is doing more than simply causing discomfort?

Along with generic toxins, such as uric and lactic acids, muscles also trap and hold other hormone waste, resulting in toxicity if left unchecked. Muscle release down fibrous build up as well as any scar tissue trapping short and long term build up, allowing the lymphatic system to do its job in removing waste from the body.

Removing waste from muscles not only gives you a nice lightweight feeling, but also allows for greater vascularity. Reducing fibrous build up and scar tissue capillar due to greater nutrient access to the area. More capillary formation means faster blood (carrying fresh nutrients) to muscles and faster lymphatic release of toxins out.

Compressi nerves reduce functionality, effecting structural/functional health in the muscular skeletal system or optimum health it is best to keep excessive pressure off nerves.

Remember, your nervous system dictates successful function of every system in your body, in the same way your power grid provides successful function of all your household electronics. If you want to feel good and assist successful nutrition, keep your most important tool rust free, your body.