As a naturopathic nutritionist, people often ask what I do.

Do I tell people what to eat? Do I educate people about healthy food choices? Well the answer to both these questions is YES, but there is also so much more involved in what my job entails.

I am a tertiary qualified practitioner that has spent 3 years of full time study on anatomy and physiology, pathology and disease progression, diagnosis and symptomology, counselling and psychology, biochemistry, and of course human nutrition. Along with this, I completed 340 hours of clinical study, which meant observation and taking of real case studies, group discussion of textbook cases, and mentoring under the guidance of a senior qualified practitioner.

So what does this all mean?

I describe my role as a ‘natural health nutrition detective’, who investigates and discovers the underlying cause behind dysfunctional health, and then uses food as medicine, nutritional supplements, and ongoing dietary modifications to make long lasting and positive change to people’s health.

In clinical practice I use evidence based nutrition based on the latest research to help you make the best choices for your health.
I use both functional and mainstream pathology, a thorough case history, and food diaries to establish where imbalances are occurring in the body, then work with you to devise an individual and the most appropriate approach to how we can achieve the best results.
I can support you through the challenges or existing health conditions of obesity or weight management, diabetes or poor blood sugar control, autoimmune conditions, digestive problems such as IBS or inflammatory bowel disease, or if food intolerances, anxiety or infertility are issues.

Or even if you just want to return to a place of wellness.

This may mean meal plans or recipes, lifestyle support or regular weight loss check-ins. It may mean that I liaise with your doctor, your mental health practitioner or your fertility specialist to help move you closer to achieving your health goals.

Follow up consultations work on consolidation of dietary and behaviour changes – often the trickiest part as we are looking at adjusting a lifetime of habits. Regular check-ins ensure that the changes made are permanent and sustainable.

I am not a dietician, nor do I prescribe nutritional therapy based on government guidelines such as the low fat model, the use of inflammatory seed oils, or Recommended Daily Intake of nutrients in foods, but rather look at what foods will suit you and support you to optimal health.

We are not bound by government regulations or out dated dietary models, but rather what works best for you. The optimal eating plan for you might be paleo, vegan, low carb or pescetarian, but there is no need to label it other than yours, and it will simply be food.

  • It will mean that food will become fun, delicious and more than just fuel for your body.
  • It will mean that your energy will improve, your skin will glow and your digestion will run like a well-oiled machine.
  • You will sleep better, have rock solid concentration and focus when you need it, and remember what it is to feel alive and full of vitality again.

For better food, better health and better wellbeing, is it time that you saw a Nutritionist today?

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